Privacy & Security

At GynMobileHealth, we believe in the power and benefits of health education for women.

GynMobileHealth wants you to feel comfortable and confident that you can gain the access you need both securely and privately. This is why with GynMobileHealth, you can ask health questions and explore health information without also sharing your personal identity. You are able to input your own profiles and get answers for you own specific gyn questions and your privacy will be protected.  Our company culture respects the values of privacy.

Your Identity is Private:

  • GynMobileHealth does not collect, store, or share any of your information
  • GynMobileHealth gives you the opportunity to email or print your own specific information to you physician, however, this is your choice, and only you will be able to control that feature.

GynMobileHealth is for your education about your health. 

  1. We are here to provide education
    We are here to help you find useful answers and health information from expert doctors to help you make better decisions about your health and well-being. We ask only for data that can help us provide this education to you, and to use the data provided to improve your experience on our apps.
  2. We let you decide.
    We let you decide what you want to share.
  3. We are safe and secure.
    Your personal information is not collected, stored, or shared with anyone.
  4. Your Identity is Not For Sale.
    We won't sell your personally identifiable information.

Your Rights:

  1. You control your privacy.
    You control your privacy.  You can choose to share your information.
  2. You control your personal information.
    You can edit or delete any personal information that you add to your profile.
  3. You share what you want.
    Sharing is a matter of personal choice. You share what you want, when you want, and sharing is not required. 

GynMobileHealth is committed to provide valuable information to all our customers while protecting their privacy.